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This is a personal individual project completed during my fifth-semester internship. I completed my internship at DriveMKB, which support local SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) by offering help in the digital transformation of a company and by providing the necessary knowledge that this change entails.
The client for this project is Effenaar. Effenaar is not only a multi-purpose music venue, but also dedicated to creating Smart Venue which provides space for innovative high-tech experiments in the fields of VR/AR, full-body scanning, 3D printing and big data, to the point of enhancing the musical experience of visitors as well as artists.

In order to provide a new digital experience and modern loyalty system for Effenaar, I built an AR (Augmented Reality) website. The primary reason for using a website instead of a mobile application is that nowadays, people already have too many applications downloaded, and most of them have not been opened for a long time.
Web AR is convenience to use, easy to share and also support cross-platform and multi-device, such as Android and iOS.


Adobe Suit, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (AR.JS, MindAR.JS, Three.JS), Aframe



Working Demo

Click here and scan the following images to try Effenaar AR website by yourself :)

(To ensure website functions properly, please agree to camera access)

Click the first button "Scan your Effenaar Card" and scan this image:


Click the second button "Scan your postcards" and scan these images:

ARWebHomepage ARWebHomepage ARWebHomepage

Web AR Development Tool Research and Analysis

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Development Steps

Version Control


Demo Iteration Videos