Dutch Design Week 2022: Dynamic Identity


Together with Fontys ICT teachaers, Delta students, Studio Krom and Hyperculture, I joined Dutch Design Week 2022 with my Dynamic Identity interaction installation. This time I combined my motion detective with visual elements created by Hyperculture in order to have the design consistency with other parts of the project.
Furthermore, one of my goals in this project was to delve into how interactive methods can benefit the user experience. Therefore, I also observed visitors on site.
Special thanks to FHICT, for giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work at DDW.



Touch Designer


Camera, Projector


Concept Explanation

Algorithm & Blues
Algorithms are getting smarter and can increasingly help us in life. Do we also listen to those algorithms if that would be good for us?
To answer this question, we look at how people interact with each other. In humans, emotions are very important. The things really important to us we do with a different emotional value than the things we do which don't matter as much.
That's what Algorithm & Blues is all about: can we train algorithms to deal with emotion, making the interaction more human?

Dynamic identities: what if these could talk?
We present research on the interaction between humans and the building. Not only how we experience the building, but also what the building thinks of us and what feedback it gives us in return.

On Location Video

Observation Analyse

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